The Dirt Ladies from Southern California

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Slinging mud and having fun! Ladies who dirt bike, have you found your crew yet? We wanted to spotlight this wicked group of riders as they're doing an amazing job of growing the community of woman who ride dirt (men and families are also welcome 😉.)

We interviewed club owner @Stacy Dixon, to find out more about this club.

Q: What inspired you to create The Dirt Ladies?

A: Around 2016, I started participating in many different styles of dirt races and moto events, discovering which type of riding suited me best. Most of the time, I was going by myself since I didn’t have many riding buddies. It was intimidating at times, but it also made me more inclined to connect with others. I never left an event without meeting new people to ride with and I wanted to encourage others to do the same. A lot of the female riders I met usually rode with their significant others, and they were typically the only girl in their group. Eventually, I started putting these ladies in touch with each other, and helped others who were interested in events or races I had done. Together, we built a little network of like-minded women who had a passion for riding dirt. The group was formalized in early 2018 after I added some friends to a group chat called “Dirt Ladies” to plan what became our first group ride.



Q: Why is this club so important to you?

A: Riding is my passion, and helping others is very fulfilling. I get a lot of joy out of bringing people together, teaching others to ride, or seeing someone conquer an obstacle for the first time. I’m constantly motivated by the people I’ve met through our rides, and I’ve learned so much. It’s also important to me that we represent an inclusive riding community, for anyone who just wants to ride and have fun. We want to acknowledge and celebrate all the men, women and families who help Dirt Ladies get out and ride.

Q: In general, what does a motorcycle club mean to you?

A: It means always having people around who understand and support you and your passion. We’ve all helped each other out, on and off the trails, at one time or another.


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Check out the Dirt Ladies Club on TONIT for upcoming meetups and campouts! All are welcome and their campouts are family and pet friendly. Stacy usually picks a location that offers mild to wild terrain, and you can link up with others who are on your level.


Who’s ready to kick the dust up?

Ride safe!


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