Rider Assistance Systems - Yay or Nay?

Dec 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by TONIT NEWS



Most riders would say that the best part of riding a motorbike is the feeling of ultimate control… but the worst part is no control over unsafe drivers. Today's vehicles are faster and more agile than ever before—allowing little room for error. Reaction times need to fall within a few milliseconds. But help is on the way from Kawasaki. They'll be the First Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturer to Include Bosch’s Advanced Rider Assistance System on future Kawasaki motorcycles.

“Giving motorcycles radar as a sensory organ enables these new motorcycle assistance and safety functions while providing an accurate picture of the vehicle’s surroundings.” ~Bosch Mobility Solutions

Bosch’s Advanced Rider System incorporates 3 functions:

1. ACC (adaptive cruise control)

Monitors the distance to the vehicle in front and decelerates when the following distance is deemed not enough and adjusts the vehicle speed to maintain the necessary safe following distance from the vehicle in front.

2. Forward Collision Warning

Alerts riders of fast-approaching vehicles in front. If the system detects that another vehicle is dangerously close and the rider doesn't react, it warns the rider with a sound or signal.

3. Blind-spot Detection

Monitors the motorcycle’s surroundings and helps the rider to safely change lanes.


The technology responsible for this system is based in Bosch's brake system, radar sensor, HMI, and engine management system. These elements all work together to raise rider awareness. Bosch claims that one in seven motorcycle accidents could be prevented by using radar-based assistance systems. As well as, reducing collisions by supporting the rider in critical situations.

Would you be willing to give up some control for a safer ride?

Source: Bosch Mobility Solutions

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