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Dec 26, 2019 4:46:48 PM / by TONIT NEWS

harley-davidson-Sac6Ri0Lhrc-unsplashAlthough biker culture is a global phenomenon, there are many, many, many subgroups. From brands and attitudes, to friends and causes, clubs are a part of the motorcycle makeup.

Whatever your club's origin, over time, crews create their own subculture which appeals to those looking for like-minded people to ride with.


This bike subculture that started in the 70's by the Japanese youth who heavily modified their motorbikes as a stance against societal conservatism. The term means "running-out-of-control" and a common tradition among the bōsōzoku bikes is to bend down the handles to make weaving through heavy traffic easier. Today, the idea has spread to include cars and fashion, and it's more of a communal attitude than simply a bike club. The modified bikes are pretty wild though, perhaps best described as café racers dressing up as choppers.

Café racers

This term was used in the 60s to describe the "troublesome" English kids who would hang out in cafés and then race their bikes. Those same kids took that insult and wore it as a badge of pride. "Doing the Ton" (the phrase that inspired Tonit!) came from this subculture. Today the café racers are popular to younger riders in the city who want to taste a little speed.


This one speaks for itself—it was coined by American bikers who chopped off pieces of their Harleys and Indians that they thought were unnecessary. What started off as individuals modifying their own bikes in their garages led to the well-known Chopper industry of custom-made machines.

A good cause.

Sometimes clubs are born out of charitable causes. Poker runs have increased in popularity as a fundraising activity for local organizations. It’s a good reason ride your motorcycle, but it’s also a good way to meet other bikers across all brands, clubs, attitudes, and areas.

Whatever style you're into or area you want to explore, chances are that there’s someone else out there who thinks the same. TONIT was formed to help you find your crew.

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